Welcome to Victory Life Specialist Hospitals Eye Clinic, Ijede-Ikorodu

Victory Life Specialist Hospitals operates a cutting edge international best standard eye care service delivery to our esteem clients and patients. The Eye Clinic comprises of the Optometrist Eye Clinic and Specialist Ophthalmologist Clinic. These Clinics runs daily to provide specialist eye care to people within and outside Lagos state.

Eye clinic is fully equipped with cutting edge high technology eye care equipment and surgical facilities. Prevention of blindness is highly desirable and can only be achieved through regular eye check up with prompt and appropriate treatment offered to every individual.

Our Services

Services available include treatment of:

Prescription glasses, contact lenses and antiglare glasses.

Blindness prevention through Primary Eye Care and prompt diagnosis and treatment of blinding eye diseases.

Cataract surgery include Small Incision Cataract Surgeries and Phacoemulsification.

Glaucoma: Early diagnosis with appropriate medical and Surgical treatment.

Lid/Facial cosmetic surgery.

Diagnosis and prompt treatment of various causes of red eyes including allergic conjunctivitis.

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