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World Heart Day

Published: 1 year ago

Today is World Health a few nuggets will be offered to us all.

  • Check your BP. This increases with age with attendant damage. Please a regular health check and management when elevated is advocated.
  • Diet. Eat right in right proportions. Ensure vegetables & fruits are inclusive. Salt intake should be low.
  • Avoid overweight and obesity.
  • Exercise is very important & should be a way of life. 30-minutes brisk walking 5 or more days a week is recommended. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Sleep. Do you sleep adequately? Adults need 7-hours sleep daily (or thereabout).
  • Have you had a recent health check? A blood check can reveal a lot...An annual blood sugar, lipids, etc helps and should be managed even when mildly out of range. Lifestyle changes goes a long way in achieving this.
  • Are you temperamental? Some pour a lot of adrenaline with minimal stressors...This is not healthy for the heart so let's watch it. Too much adrenaline is cardiotoxic.
  • We should continue a strict no-smoking habit. Smoking is vasculotoxic & promotes atherosclerosis.
  • Alcohol. The WHO has categorically pronounced that there is no safe limit of alcohol intake...All past advice that red wine is "good for the heart" is now suspect!
  • Please think positive...This may help. Enjoy a healthy heart..